Postage and payments


After an order is completed we will check the order and will send you an invoice. Production of the item is begun only after we have received the payment. If possible, send us the payment order to, so that we can begin production without delay.



For delivery to EU countries and costs please ask before order:


Delivery terms in the territory of Latvia

All delivery periods of the items are provided taking into consideration the production time. The total period for receiving the item includes the production period (provided, when ordering the item) + delivery period.


Items can be received within 1 to 5 working days depending on the type of delivery.


1) Receipt in Riga upon previous agreement on the exact time.


  • Free of charge.
  • Immediately after production.


 2) Delivery to “Pasta stacija” terminal. You will receive a text message, informing about the receipt of the order in the terminal. See the addresses and working hours of "Pasta stacija" terminals here.


  • Cost – EUR 2.00
  • Delivery within 2 working days.


3) Receipt at the nearest “Latvijas pasts” post department. After receiving a notice issued by “Latvijas pasts” go to the nearest post station to pick up your parcel.


  • Cost – EUR 3.00
  • Delivery within approximately 3 working days after production (in accordance with “Latvijas pasts” delivery periods).


4) Express delivery of “Latvijas pasts” to the customer’s address.


  • Cost for delivery in Riga and to residential areas designated by post codes LV-2001 to LV-2170* – EUR 4.00
  • In the rest of Latvia – EUR 6.50
  • Delivery within 1 working day.


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